Ways to Watch UFC 254 – Khabib vs. Gaethje Live Stream Online

Ways to Watch UFC 254 – Khabib vs. Gaethje Live Stream Online– is an upcoming event produced by the UFC planned to take place on the 24 th of October. Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje is leading with the first blow.

UFC 254 Live Stream – Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje – is an upcoming mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship planned to take place on the 24th of October. The location is yet to be announced but the fighters are already duking it out on social media, where Khabib Nurmagomedov is leading with the first blow.

UFC 254: KHABIB VS. GAETHJE October 24, 2020

Main card (ESPN+ PPV at 2 p.m. ET); Prelims (ESPN+ at 12 p.m., ESPN+ at 10:15 a.m. ET)

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje
Robert Whittaker vs. Jared Cannonier
Alexander Volkov vs. Walt Harris
Islam Makhachev vs. Rafael dos Anjos
Cynthia Calvillo vs. Lauren Murphy
Magomed Ankalaev vs. Ion Cutelaba

The entire event is centered around the defending UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and interim champion Justin Gaethje as they fight it out for the the title. They will serve as the main headliners for the event. Under the fight card, there are two additional bouts. In the middleweight bout we have Robert Whittaker facing off against Jared Cannonier. And, for the heavyweight bout will host Alexander Volkov versus Walt Harris. The main bout was supposed to be linked with UFC 253, but will now be taking place 5 weeks later in UFC 254 due to some unforeseen circumstances.

UFC 254 Live Stream

Undefeated UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has agreed to face interim champ Justin Gaethje UFC 254 Live Stream on Oct. 24. UFC President Dana White announced Nurmagomedov’s return to mixed martial arts Tuesday. Nurmagomedov (28-0) holds the longest active unbeaten streak in MMA, and he became the UFC’s lightweight champion in April 2018 by defeating Al Iaquinta for the vacant belt. He has defended his title just twice, but he defeated interim lightweight champ, Dustin Poirier, by submission last September in his most recent fight. Nurmagomedov became one of MMA’s biggest stars at UFC 229 in October 2018 with his fourth-round stoppage of Conor McGregor and his subsequent leap over the cage and into the stands to fight members of McGregor’s entourage for their perceived disrespect.

UFC 254 Live Stream promises to be an exciting watch for viewers as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje are set to clash this October. The stakes are high, and from the looks of it, is expected to be a brutal brawl. Let’s jump right into what’s going down on the night of the 24th of October. Today we’ll be covering everything that has happened around the fight, and how you can watch the UFC 254 Live Stream Free Online.

What is the UFC 254 Live Stream All About?

Justin Gaethje is putting a lot on the line with this fight and Khabib Nurmagomedov has taken the first punch over on social media with his comment on taking Justin to the ocean and drowning him before the fight even starts. This is completely expected behavior from UFC fighters and the tension between the two is only expected to heighten as the day of the UFC 254 Live Stream draws near. As always, it’s a ploy to get people hyped for the fight, and it has worked.

Khabib is arguably one of the toughest opponents Justin will be facing in his career so far. Currently, he boasts an outstanding record of losing only a single round. However, to his credit, the loss was to UFC legend Connor McGregor. That said, he went on to win in the 4th round with a submission, thereby keeping his winning streak alive at a solid 28-0 wins. With all things said and done, the unbeatable Russian tyrant proves to a massive challenge for the UFC 254 Interim Lightweight Champion Justin Gaethje.

Khabib, having suffered the recent loss of his father to COVID-19, has been training near his home in Dagestan. As the day of the fight draws near, he is expected to move to the US to continue polishing his skills in preparation for the big fight. He is expected to start work one again with his coaches and teammates at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California.

About the Fighters – Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje and Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov

Fans are speculating that Khabib Nurmagomedov’s posts are motivated by the fact that he was originally expected to face Tony Ferguson, a beast of a fighter in the Lightweight division. This battle would have secured his position as the UFC Lightweight Champion. However, in an upset in UFC 249 just this past April, Justin defeated Ferguson. Having done so, Justin now faces Khabib and the two are set to fight in a unification match over the title.

As for fighting style, Justin will have to deal with Khabib’s biggest strengths, his ability to apply constant and exuberant pressure on his opponent, and his innate wrestling abilities which are on a world-class level. Khabib’s skills have managed to outdo All-American wrestles in the past. Even though his strategies against his opponent are well known in the community, none have managed to come up with a concrete method to overcome his wrestling prowess.

On the other hand, it’s important not to underestimate Justin. This is what happened back when he took up Ferguson. Leading up to that fight, everyone was all in with Ferguson without so much as glancing at Justin. This went on to become a vastly different narrative with Justin taking the fight and title of UFC Interim Lightweight Champion. Therefore, despite Khabib’s immense reputation and skills, it’s important not to overlook Justin this time around as he has the skills and sportsmanship to take the lead, and potentially the title. Making the mistake of underestimating Justin could prove to be fatal for Khabib.

This sets the stage for an intense bout between two highly skilled mixed martial arts fighters.

Wrestling Backgrounds on the Fighters in the UFC 254 Live Stream
This is The Eagle’s third defense of the title of UFC Lightweight Champion and holds a staggering 28-0 record so far. The Eagle has been developing his skillset for a while and has become a formidable fighter.

Both fighters in this bout showcase excellent wrestling skills, however, in very different ways. Justin has been wrestling in the American style since he was 4 and has since picked up more strategies. With this, he intends to throw Khabib off his game, and hope for the early closure.

On the other hand, while Khabib has an aptitude for freestyle wrestling which he picked up from his father, experts speculate it won’t play well in this fight. This is because both fighters have a combat background wherein, they prefer to grapple their opponents. This strategy works well in the lightweight divisions of the UFC.

To Khabib’s credit, he has worked with world-class sambo and judo trainers to hone his skills for better aggressions and positional control. He is always aware of his opponents and seems to combat-counter them easily, often going for their backs or necks.

Justin is well-prepared to deal with Khabib’s grappling attempts though, as he has shown great skill in doing so in his fight against Luiz Firmino. However, Justin must be careful not to play into Khabib’s strengths, which may end up costing him the match, and with it, the title.

Travel restrictions continue to be an issue for the UFC 254 Live Stream Venue

UFC 254 is going to take place on a venue yet to be announced. However, the UFC president, Dana White, has thrown hints that the fight will take place on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. However, many fights have also taken place in Las Vegas, USA behind closed doors as the wave of the global crisis continues.

The major issue here is Khabib. Being an international fighter and all, Khabib’s travel restrictions have been proving to be a continuing issue due to the situation in Russia. Therefore, a fight on US soil is unlikely and the UFC will not be able to host the pay-per-view in Las Vegas. With domestic fighters, it’s easier, and the fight would have been easier to schedule like the other ones which have taken place in Las Vegas in recent months.

Main Events of UFC 254 Live Stream – Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje

Khabib is set to start training in September once again but fans have been speculating whether it is too close to the fight date and if he’s starting training a bit too late. But given the recent loss of his father, it’s a surprise he has even accepted the contract to fight. Moreover, he is currently holding an unbeaten record, with his last fight with the then-interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier at UFC 242. Justin on the other hand is fresh off a total knockout victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 249. Moreover, he has the reputation of being one of the fiercest fights in the division right now.

Right now, the headliner fight in the UFC 254 Live Stream is the unification bout between Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje and Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov. The fight promises to be an exciting show as the fighters are both high-skilled mixed martial artists. Apart from that two other events will be taking place during the UFC 254 live stream. A heavyweight fight between Alexandar Volkov vs Walt Harris, and a middleweight standoff between Robert Whittaker and Jared Cannonier. Although Khabib and Justin are the headliners, the other fighters will be putting on an excellent show as well. Therefore, all UFC fans will be excited about these fights as they tune in to the UFC 254 Live Stream.

How to Apply for UFC 254 Live Stream

As of now an official venue for the fight has not been announced. Regardless of whether the fight takes place in Las Vegas or the Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, a live audience for the fight is quite unlikely. Therefore, tickets to the fight are not being sold, and unless the situation dramatically improves, a live audience will not be present. Therefore, like many of the UFC events this year, the UFC 254 Live Stream is set to take place behind closed doors this October.

How to Watch UFC 254 Live Stream

The fighters are ready, UFC is ready and the audience is ready. However, the fight still does not have an official venue. Despite this, let’s have a rundown of all the ways you can catch the fight and see who picks up the title of the UFC Lightweight Champion in the UFC 254 Live Stream.

When/where will it be held?

The Fight Island in Abu Dhabi is the most likely venue for the fight as Khabib will be traveling internationally to take part. Had both the fighters been domestic, the fight would have taken place in Las Vegas as per usual. The exact time of the fight has not been announced either, so it would be wise to keep your schedule clear according to the Abu Dhabi time zone to make sure you do not miss the PPV. One thing is certain though, and that is the date of the brawl. Therefore, you can hope to catch the UFC 254 Live Stream pay-per-view on the 24th of October.

  1. Live Stream Free
    Most UFC fans will be tuning in to the UFC 254 Live Stream via a Live Stream. There are several sites dedicated to broadcasting all UFC events and the fight between Khabib and Justin will undoubtedly be one of them.

While a lot of these sites will host the stream for free, finding the right one to watch can be difficult, so looking up a guide on which are the best ones will push you in the right direction. Stay clear of false sites and choose reliable sources when selecting the right UFC 254 Live Stream Online.

Once you do pick the right site, you may find that many of these sites are geo-restricted. This means you will need to use a VPN to catch the live stream for free. Aside from the free streams, there are a couple of other ways to enjoy the fight as it goes down.

  1. Paid Stream
    As always, to get the full experience behind the fight, you can sign up for the pay per view. As of now, all three fights scheduled for the card will be presented under the PPV and you can watch it live with the rest of the world.

Apart from the pay-per-view, you might want to subscribe to the UFC Fight Pass and witness everything that goes on behind the scenes. In addition to the mini-documentaries and events, you get early access to the UFC Pay-Per-Views of the biggest fights. Moreover, UFC keeps you updated on all the latest events around UFC, it’s fighters, and their current statuses. Finally, if you want to watch an older fight again, you can just browse through the massive library of the Fight Pass and go down memory lane with some of the biggest fights in history.

Without a doubt, the paid stream has more to offer than a free stream with the option of UFC Fight Pass, however, if you’re just in it for the upcoming UFC 254 live stream, a free stream has got you covered.

  1. TV Rights (Worldwide) There have been no announcements regarding a TV network picking up the fight or claiming broadcasting rights for the fight. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the fight will be shown on any major network across the world and the pay-per-view or the free live stream is your best bet to catch the fight. You can keep an eye on the major sports networks to keep yourself informed should a TV network step-up for the role.

  1. Live Stream with Reddit With a subreddit dedicated to all things UFC, there is no doubt there will be a UFC 254 Live Stream in October. To catch the live stream, keep your eye on the biggest UFC stream subreddit, as they will be posting a live link to the stream the night before the fight.

Once you join the stream, you will be able to debate with fellow fans and discuss the fight as it unfolds adding to the enjoyment of watching the UFC 254 Live Stream. Keep your calendars marked for the UFC 254 Live Stream Free on Reddit.

  1. Game 2020 Tickets Two things are at play here. The first being that the official venue for the fight has not been announced yet. Next, the global situation will likely mean that just like the previous fights in the months before, the UFC 254 event will be behind closed doors without a live audience. Therefore, tickets to the 2020 UFC 254 are not available for purchase.

  1. Live Stream Using A VPN In the case of live streaming events, we understand the pain when it comes to geo-locked streams. This is where a good VPN comes to save the day. To enjoy the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje live stream from other regions, you will need a feature-packed VPN to help you access geo-locked content. Besides, beyond the live stream itself, a VPN offers increased security and privacy for all your internet activity. Let’s get into some of the best ones to enjoy the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje fight.

a. ExpressVPN

Express VPN is an excellent VPN service that lets you connect to servers around the world. Moreover, they mask your IP address properly and ensure that your internet traffic is secure and private. They also have a great reputation when it comes to taking the steps needed to ensure that your internet activity is safe, private, and secure. To watch the UFC 254 live stream free online you might want to grab yourself a premium ExpressVPN subscription if you notice that the stream you want to view is geo-locked. Finally, once the stream is over, you can rely on ExpressVPN to keep you safe online for the long-term.

b. IPVanish

IPVanish is another notable competitor in the VPN landscape. They have greater global outreach as they have servers everywhere and you can virtually access content from any country in the world, without worrying about region locks. Their interface is a bit lacking and their privacy options could do with more attention though. Despite all this, the IPVanish VPN service offers reliability on top of allowing multiple simultaneous connections for their premium users. Therefore, to watch the UFC 254 live stream online and enjoy other region-locked content when the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje fight is over.

c. NordVPN

Despite their recent run-in with privacy leaks and other security problems, NordVPN is out to repair their reputation and is ready to up the ante. They have greatly improved all security aspects of their service, in addition to the user interface. Moreover, to take things a step further, NordVPN hosts several servers around the world with multi-hop and Tor connections. Finally, everything is wrapped under an easy-to-use and understand user interface for any beginner VPN user or advanced VPN power-user.

With all these great VPN services, choosing the one fit for your needs is adamant. With the right VPN, you can continue to watch other UFC fight stream for upcoming UFC events even if they are region-locked.With internet security ensured and region-locks abolished, you can enjoy a great fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje.

  1. UFC 254 Live Stream – Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje Live Online on Social Media You should be able to catch the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje fight on all popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube if you search hard enough. However, the UFC 254 Live Stream is best enjoyed on the streams provided through Reddit. They are usually high quality, offers great incentive to prompt discussions, and are always ready to present the best UFC events. Therefore, for an HD stream of the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje fight, stay on the lookout on Reddit’s UFC Stream subreddit.

Final Words on Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje

As the day of the fight draws near, fans are speculating on more than just the winner. First off, the venue is still undecided but that’s not a major factor here. With travel restrictions in place, there is a slight chance Khabib will not be able to make it to the fight at all and it might have to get postponed to a later event. It all hinges on whether he makes it to the US in time for training.

With that said, both fighters are excellent and bring their strategies. For Justin, he will have to show up the fight ready to take on Khabib’s infamous grappling skills and avoid getting knocked down. As for Khabib, underestimating Justin’s skills might lead to his downfall so he should be on the watch out.

All in all, we have an amazing match-up coming for us on the 24th of October and it will be exciting to watch as the two fighting beasts clash in the unification of the UFC Lightweight Championship title.

ltimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will hold a special pre-fight media day for Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje, who collide for “The Eagle’s” lightweight strap atop the UFC 254 pay-per-view (PPV) fight card, booked for Sat., Oct. 24, 2020 inside Flash Forum on “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi.

The media day kicks off today (Oct. 1) at 1 p.m. ET in the embedded video above.

Watch UFC 254 PPV On ESPN+ Here!

UFC continues its live events schedule from “Fight Island” on Oct. 24 with its “Khabib vs. Gaethje”-led PPV fight card available to stream RIGHT HERE — don’t miss a single second of face-punching action!

Nurmagomedov (28-0) has been nothing short of unstoppable during his lightweight run, which includes his 30-month tenure as 155-pound champion. Among his victims are former champion Conor McGregor and top contender Dustin Poirier.

Everything you need to know about the highly anticipated lightweight title unification bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje.

While many fans wanted to see Khabib Nurmagomedov meet Conor McGregor, they are getting the next best thing when the undefeated lightweight champion faces interim titlist Justin Gaethje in the main event of UFC 254 at “Fight Island” from the Flash Forum in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Nurmagomedov (28-0) returns from a 13-month layoff after he pummeled Dustin Poirier at UFC 242 in September and won by third-round submission to successfully defend the title for the second time. The Dagestan native had been set to finally square off with Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 on April 18. But in the middle of March, Nurmagomedov left his training camp at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif., after reportedly being told by the UFC that UFC 249 would likely be taking place in the United Arab Emirates due to COVID-19 forcing the event to be postponed and not taking place at its original location in Brooklyn.

After getting into the UAE, Nurmagomedov was told to leave because the country would be closing its borders, and no one would be able to enter or fly out. The 31-year-old flew back to Russia to be with his family and continued to train. Ultimately, though, Nurmagomedov decided health and safety were more important than figuring out a way to square off with Ferguson.

Gaethje immediately stepped up to the plate and took on Ferguson for the interim belt when UFC 249 was shifted to May 9. The former World Series of Fighting (now Professional Fight League) lightweight titleholder battered Ferguson from start-to-finish to win by fifth-round TKO to capture his first UFC belt and snapped the former interim 155-pound champion’s 12-fight winning streak in the process.

On paper, Khabib-Gaethje is the biggest fight of the year in mixed martial arts. You have an unbeaten and dominant world champion coming back to take on a guy who will be his toughest test to date because of his complete skillset, which is the type of fighter Nurmagomedov hasn’t faced up to this point.

Can “The Eagle” continue his reign of terror? Or does Gaethje show the world why he is “The Highlight” and provide one more spectacular performance and pull off what many pundits feel is unthinkable?

Here is everything you need to know about UFC 254: Khabib vs. Gaethje.

Date: Saturday, Oct. 24
Early prelims: 10:15 a.m. ET
Prelims: Noon ET
PPV main card: 2 p.m. ET

UFC 254: Khabib vs. Gaethje takes place on Saturday with the early prelims kicking the event off at 10:15 a.m. ET, before the pay-per-view main card begins at 2 p.m. ET.


What time is UFC 254? 

United States

Main Card: 2pm ET / 11am PT on ESPN+

Prelims: 12pm ET / 9am PT on ESPN,  ESPN+and ESPN Deportes

Early Prelims: 11am ET / 8am PT on UFC FIGHT PASSESPN, ESPN+and ESPN Deportes


Main Card: 7pm WAT / 8pm SAST on SuperSport Action and UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass

Prelims: 5pm WAT / 6pm SAST on SuperSport Action and UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 4pm WAT / 5pm SAST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, East Timor)

Main Card: 2am HKT (Sunday) on Fox Sports and Fox+ (Hong Kong & Singapore)

Prelims: 12am HKT (Sunday) on Fox Sports and Fox+ (Hong Kong & Singapore)


Main Card: 5am AEDT / 2am AWST (Sunday) on Main Event, Fetch TV, and UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass 

Prelims: 3am AEDT (Sunday) / 12am AWST (Sunday) on UFC FIGHT PASS and ESPN

Early Prelims: 2am AEDT (Sunday) / 11pm AWST on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 1pm AEDT / 10am AWST (Sunday) on Main Event, and Fetch TV

Prelims: 11am AEDT (Sunday) / 8am AWST (Sunday) on ESPN


Main Card: 3pm BRT on Combate

Prelims: 1pm BRT on Combate

Early Prelims + Preshow: 12pm BRT on Combate.comSporTV 3FacebookandCombate


Main Card: 2pm ET / 11am PT on BELLRogersShawSaskTel,  Videotron,  Telus,  Eastlink and UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass

Prelims: 12pm ET / 9am PT on TSN and RDS

Early Prelims: 11am ET / 8am PT on TSN and UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 10pm ET / 7pm PT on BELLRogersShawSaskTel,  Videotron,  Telus,  and Eastlink

Central and South America 

Main Card: 3pm ART / 6pm UTC-5/-4/-3on ESPN2 and ESPN Play

Prelims: 1pm ARG / 4pm UTC-5/-4/-3n on ESPN2 and ESPN Play

Early Prelims: 12pm ARG / 3pm UTC-5/-4/-3n on ESPN2 and ESPN Play


Main Card: 8pm CEST on Viaplay

Prelims: 6pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 5pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 9pmEEST on Viaplay

Prelims: 7pm EEST onUFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 6pm EEST on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 8pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Prelims: 6pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 5pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 8pm CEST on DAZNand UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass

Prelims: 6pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 5pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 6pm GMT on Viaplay

Prelims: 4pm GMT on UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 3pm GMT on UFC FIGHT PASS

Republic of Ireland

Main Card: 7pm BST on BT Sport Box Office

Prelims: 5pm BST on UFC FIGHT PASSand BT Sport 2

Early Prelims: 4pm BST on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 11:30pm on Sony TEN 1Sony TEN 2Sony TEN 3, and Sony LIV


Main Card: 8pm CEST on DAZN and UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass

Prelims: 6pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 5pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 3am JPT (Sunday) on WOWOW and UFC FIGHT PASS

Prelims: 1am JPT (Sunday) on WOWOW and UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 12am JPT (Sunday) on WOWOW and UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 10pm GST on UFC Arabia

Prelims: 8pm GST on Abu Dhabi Sports 2Abu Dhabi Sports 4, and UFC Arabia

Early Prelims: 7pm GST (Sunday) on UFC Arabia


Main Card: 1pm MEXon Fox Sports

Prelims: 11am MEX Fox Sports and UFC Fight Pass

Early Prelims: 10am MEX on UFC Fight Pass


Main Card: 8pm CEST on KijkandSBS9

Prelims: 6pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 5pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

New Zealand

Main Card: 7am NZDT (Sunday) on SKY Arena and UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass

Prelims: 5am NZDT (Sunday) on UFC FIGHT PASS, ESPNand PRIME

Early Prelims: 4am NZDT (Sunday) on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 3pm NZDT (Sunday) on SKY Arena

Prelims: 1pm NZDT (Sunday) on ESPN


Main Card: 8pm CEST on Viaplay

Prelims: 6pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 5pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 11pm PKT on Ten Sports


Main Card: 8pm CESTon Polsat Sport andUFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass

Prelims: 6pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 5pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 9pm MSK on Wink, More.TVTricolor, and UFC FIGHT PASS / 10:30pm MSK on RENTV

Prelims: 7pm MSK on Wink, More.TVTricolor and UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 6pm MSK on UFC FIGHT PASS

South Korea

Main Card: 3am KST (Sunday) on SPOTV

Prelims: 1am KST (Sunday) on SPOTV

Early Prelims: 12am KST (Sunday) on SPOTV


Main Card: 8pm CEST on DAZNand UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass

Prelims: 6pm CEST on DAZNand UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 5pm CEST on DAZNand  UFC FIGHT PASS


Main Card: 8pm CEST on Viaplay

Prelims: 6pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims: 5pm CEST on UFC FIGHT PASS

United Kingdom

Main Card: 7pm BST on BT Sport Box Office

Prelims: 5pm BST on UFC FIGHT PASSand BT Sport 2

Early Prelims: 4pm BST on UFC FIGHT PASS

Visit Abu Dhabi: http://www.abudhabievents.ae/

UFC 254: Khabib vs. Gaethje takes place at the Flash Forum on the company’s Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. Khabib has already fought in the United Arab Emirates, defeating Poirier at UFC 242 in September 2019. Gaethje has never competed in the country.

According to BetMGM, Khabib is listed as the sizable favorite, coming in at -334, meaning you’d need to bet $334 to win $100. Gaethje is the underdog at +260. That means a $100 bet can net you $260 if Gaethje can become the first person to defeat Nurmagomedov and is crowned the undisputed UFC lightweight champion.

Name: Khabib Nurmagomedov
Nationality: Russian
Born: September 20, 1988
Height: 5-10
Reach: 70 inches
Total fights: 28
Record: 28-0

Name: Justin Gaethje
Nationality: American
Born: Nov. 14, 1988
Height: 5-11
Reach: 70 inches
Total fights: 24
Record: 22-2

Khabib Nurmagomedov (c) vs. Justin Gaethje (ic) for Nurmagomedov’s Lightweight title and Gaethje’s Interim Lightweight title
Robert Whittaker vs. Jared Cannonier; Middleweight
Alexander Volkov vs. Walt Harris; Heavyweight
Jacob Malkoun vs. Phillip Hawes; Middleweight
Lauren Murphy vs. Liliya Shakirova; Women’s Flyweight
Magomed Ankalaev vs. Ion Cutelaba; Light Heavyweight

Stefan Struve vs. Tai Tuivasa; Heavyweight
Nathaniel Wood vs. Casey Kenney; Bantamweight catchweight
Alex Oliveira vs. Shavkat Rakhmonov; Welterweight
Da Un Jung vs. Sam Alvey; Light Heavyweight
Umar Nurmagomedov vs. Sergey Morozov; Bantamweight
Liana Jojua vs. Miranda Maverick; Women’s Flyweight
Joel Alvarez vs. Alexander Yakovlev; Lightweight